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NICOCIG Refill Cartridge Starter Kit

NICOCIG Electronic Cigarette Refill Cartridge
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The vapour-like white smoke that is released from the Nicocig is harmless condensation that evaporates into the air within few moments. As the vapour created by Nicocig desappears into the thin air, it only leaves a nice flavour in your mouth. The Nicocig does not release harmful smoke so it can be used in public areas, restaurants and offices where traditional smoking is banned.

Nicocig flavoured refill cartridges contain nicotine, in a range of different strengths, like: High, Medium, Low and Zero Nicotine. All the above cartriges come in coice of Tobacco or Menthol strength. Each packet arrives with 6 cartridges, each one holiding enough smoking fluid to provide equivalent of 8-10 normal cigaretes. In total one packet is replaces approximately 60 traditional tobacco cigarettes.

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  • 6 refill cartridges per packet,
  • each refill cartridge is equivalent to 8-10 ordinary cigarettes,
  • Nicotine or Menthol Flavour,
  • 4 Nicotine content strengths: High, Medium, Low and Zero,
  • Please note that use of this product can be subject to further restrictions.

What do you get?

  • 1
    6 boxed refill cartridges,

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NICOCIGS LTD is based in Birmingham, UK. They are producers of the full range of electronic smoking products.


Posted by: TobaccoLad | December 2, 2010

They do not cause any sort of disease because there is no tar. And they do not cause any offence, because there is only a vapour. Nicotine is not toxin, it is just addictive. Mint flavour is was a bit on a strong side for me, the Medium strength was just about my taste.

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Posted by: Herdian | March 21, 2012

Hello Tim,There is as yet no conclusive proof eehitr way whether or not electronic cigarettes are healthier that normal tobacco cigarettes.There is no smoking in the traditional sense by that I mean there is no tobacco involved. Though the nicotine is delivered in a different way which is at least perceived to be healthier given the lack of tobacco.With electronic cigarettes it is possible to buy different levels of nicotine and even different flavors plus there is the advantage (depending on your point of view) that they may be used where traditional smoking is banned though it is always advisable to check first.But until medicine or science can say conclusively that they are healthier then I'd suggest that it is down to the individual to make their own choice based on their own preference and experience of tobacco or electronic cigarettes as an alternative.UN:F [1.8.3_1051]please wait...UN:F [1.8.3_1051](from 0 votes)

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