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Gamucci Micro tested in a pub

November 30th, 2009

What smokers like: back to top

   - Lots of advice on electronic smoking forums and lots of videos on YouTube. Same as old tobacco fags, DSE901 cigarette calls for smokers to meet and socialize. You'll meet lots of new people just by becoming part of DSE901 cig community.

   - Variety of spare parts, cartridges, different tastes and smoking liquids. Lots of web shops, eBay merchants etc. to buy affordable parts from.

   - Reasonable battery life and cheap spare batteries.

   - Excellent value for money.

What smokers do not like: back to top

   - Less stylish cheapish 'Chinese' looks. Shiny plastics which shows fingerprints and needs frequent cleaning.

   - short atomizer life,

   - one needs lots of spare batteries if he wants to continuously keep smoking.

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