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October 5th, 2009

Whatever it is the build quality of SuperSmoker electronic cigarette this model is just too expensive. You can buy two Gamucci Micros or nearly three DSE901 electronic cigarette starter kits for the same money. Not to mention the postage, because it seems that SuperSmoker is shipped from Belgium, so postage is around £8.00, while there are plenty of UK web shops that will ship Gamucci Micro for free.

SuperSmoker electronic cigarette is slightly bigger than Gamucci, Nococig or DSE901, so it has slightly larger battery and a longer smoking time. So if you do not mind smoking larger than normal cigarette, or if that is exactly what you want, than SuperSmoker is definitely for you.

A good thing about SuperSmoker is that its strongest nicotine filled cartridge will be approximately equal Marlboro Light. So you'll be easier on your friends and expose them to less second hand smoking. You can forget about standing outside, just for a quick draw, while everybody is waiting for you back inside the pub.

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