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31st January 2013

Hey, These E-Cigs are Fun.

Lazy Afternoon, with E-Cigs

Rather large group of pet hates are contributed from the newer e-cigarette users in the community of vapers. A few of their misplaced good intentions are inaccurate review of devices, overbearing flavor samplers and the sudden dismissal of their former comrades. As people become more and more reliant on user reviews, the validity of the reviews are being questioned. Vaporizer users that review the products good or bad without sufficient time to base an accurate decision seems to boil more than a few people's blood. Then there are the group that samples new flavors with the same highbrow attitude of tasting a fine wine. And let us not forget the people that like to automatically dismiss their former clan, the smokers, when they are not able to be around the smokers even though they have probably belonged to this group for a longer time than the e-cigarette community. People are fickle and it takes time to realize and know the correct unwritten way that groups like to behave.

Everyone has different tastes and different ways of expressing themselves but people often get annoyed by these differences. Sometimes you don't even know why you are annoyed by but one thing is for sure, you are. In the newly developing sphere of vaping devices and e-cigarettes it is of course no different. Everything from the use of the word analog to the attitudes of the people around the vapers to the prevalence of a blue cigs discount code, someone is bound to be annoyed with the actions of others. What are your vaping pet hates?

Once a community is able to discuss anything in detail they start to develop certain lingo or jargon to better specify their discussion and create a sense of comradery among their peers. When this jargon is being developed there will often be some people that are opposed to certain words that are catching on. In the vaping community there are two of these phrases that are the most prominent analogs and personal vaporizer. Analogs are the term for regular cigarettes and borrow the terminology from the record industry. As digital sound replaced analog, so does the digital e-cigarette devices replace the analog or old style tobacco cigarettes, so does Blu Cigs discount coupon. The other big jargon pet hate stems from calling the vaping device a personal vaporizer. As the term personal before a product is most synonymous with personal massager there is no need to piggyback this lingo and people can just say my vaporizer if they want to get possessive. Nobody walks around talking about their personal cell phone or their personal car. These little linguistic nuances are amusing to some but down right annoying for others.

Can't See Peoples' Faces from all this Vapor.

Vaping in a Good Mood

The equipment itself can and does cause some pet peeves in the vaping community. Some people reference the fact that the manufacturers and designers of the vaporizers try too hard to make it look like a cigarette by adding functionally useless additions such as a glowing LED on the end. Not only the manufacturers are blamed for such annoyances but also the retailers, mainly that the e-cigarette devices are not readily available and that the shipping of these products is sporadic at best. Even the best equipment still has people that need to fiddle and modify which gets some panties in a bunch from the people around them. The newer users that tend to bother people the most out of any others have to be the people that are dead-set that their vaping device is the greatest device in the world and that the one that you are using sucks, without any discussion or compromise. All of the pet hates that stem from the equipment and its personal use is only going to get stronger as more and more people join this community.

One last group of pet hates in the vaping community stems from the misinformation and general ignorance that is caused by a relatively new product. People are consistently annoyed when other people comment on things that they have heard and regurgitate such as vaping is chemically dangerous and that it is bad for your health as they smoke their tar ladened cigarettes. The information and reviews that are out there are not up to snuff either according to some disgruntled users, often just being put together to broadcast a message such as a blue cigs discount code. Apparently the videos are too long, the audio is too disjointed, e cigarette coupons are hard to find and the overall impressions are just too unprofessional. All of this leads to internal conflict and communal pet hates among the e-cig vapers community.

Pet hates and pet peeves are going to prevalent as long as people are engaged and care about their community. People like to express their discontent within the community to foster the tightness and provide an outline for future members. If things get enough attention and there are enough similar pet peeves there is bound to be some actionable change from the attention.

Have a Nice Day. E-Cig-Bargains.com's team.

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