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Gamucci Micro tested in a pub

July 28th 2009

Good old days might be back, at least as far as smoking on an airliner is concerned. The Belgium company, that goes by the name SuperSmoker has introduced a new product on the wider European market, that can just do that. SuperSmoker electonic cigarette is much, much weaker than original tobacco cigarette, because it doesn't burn any cancerous ingredinets. That makes it suitable for smoking in a confinded space, like in the passinger cabin of a transcontinental flight.

SuperSmoker has undertaken on itself to open talks with major airlines, on a behalf of its customers, so that they can be allowed to smoke the battery operated cigarettes during long haul flights. Unfortunately, the arrival of the SuperSmoker electronic cigarettes is news for most airlines, so we'll have to wait for some time before we can climb to 24,000 feet with a lit up cigarette.

SuperSmoker is a premium brand, that sells on the shelves at Harrods, London. In the early 2007 a German businessman launched an airline friendly to smokers, called Smokers International Airline, or Smitair. Smitair is business-class only carrier, with sleeper seats, nice menu and on board cigarette smoking allowed.

So, come aboard and puff away.

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