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June 25th, 2009

Nicocig is proud to be a direct distributor for Ruyan Co, the original pioneers and worldwide patent holders of the electronic cigarette. In our joint effort, we released a new product to satisfy the demand in the disposable electronic cigarettes sector of the market. The new product is Ruyan Nicocig Jazz, disposable e-cigarette.

Ryan Nicocig Jazz

What disposable cigarette means is that that once the charge and the smoking liquid are spent, there is no way to recharge the product and it is disposed off. That means that once Ruyan Nicocig Jazz is taken from its commercial packaging it is readily charged and it would last as long as 80 to 100 classic tobacco cigarettes. That is an equivalent to up to 5 cigarette packs. Quite convenient, when you think about how much space would 5 cigarette packs take in your luggage.

A huge benefit of this product is that it is priced only at £16.95, so it is great entry level product for customers who want to introduce themselves to the conveniences of the electronic cigarettes. Although some customers would tend to be attracted to the idea of rechargeable product, the cost of smoking disposable or rechargeable cigarettes works out about the same. Disposable e-cigarettes have the additional benefit of being disposable, in other words, there is no need to worry about recharging, procuring the spare cartridges. Disposable e-cig, like Ruyan Nicocig Jazz is use-and-forget type of convenient product.

Unlike other disposable e-cigar products, Ruyan Nicocig Jazz comes in a great selection of flavors, from mint, to banana, cherry etc. to Zero Nicotine.

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