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23rd January 2013

50+ Generation Embraces E-Cigs.

Closing the Age Gap With E-Cigs

Have you or someone you know been smoking for several years wanting to quit? Did you know that there is new technology that has been specifically designed help you and people like you to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes? If you have been smoking for many years or you are older than you should consider using e-cigarettes to help you transition off of tobacco. E-cigarettes are the newest technology to help older people or people that have been smoking for many years to transition at their own pace off of cigarettes. There are many benefits to e-cigarettes and we will discuss the major benefits versus traditional cigarettes. E-cigarettes are especially helpful if you think that you are “too old” or have been smoking for "too long".

There are many successful older people that have had great results from vaping with e-cigarettes and here are some of the benefits. All of the people that are able to stick with vaping and replace their regular smoking habits with e-cigarettes report a marked increase in health. A lot of the people that are diagnosed with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) say that within a few months of vaping their lung health and breathability increases dramatically. COPD is a very serious disease and it can put you at risk for chest infections, hypertension, malnutrition, and eye problems. If you or someone you know is afflicted with COPD you understand that even a slight increase in breathability makes the world of difference. Even if you don't suffer from COPD, maybe you have asthma or just trouble breathing. Once you have tried vaping with an e-cigarette machine and transition off of cigarettes your health will increase, you will get rid of smokers cough, decrease your inhaler use, and provide cleaner air for your family to breath. Our Green Smoke reviews higlight these tangible health benefits without giving up the nicotine high that you’re accustomed to feeling.

There is a growing movement of people that are discovering vaping with e-cigarettes and a large portion of the older people get turned on to the idea by their children. This is also one of the great benefits to the technology being around for enough time for people to test and troubleshoot all of the nuances. You and your older friends and family can participate in the forums online or find questions to their common questions. If you have a parent or grandparent that smokes regularly you should consider, for their benefit, that you show them how vaping works. This is a gift that keeps on giving as the smoker can retain the benefit from their habit while minimizing the health risks.

Woman Vaping in Supermarket.

A Quick Test Vape

A lot of the people in that are now in the e-cigarettes community, that used to be heavy smokers, tout the remarkable air quality difference. Not only is the air cleaner of the smoke but the smell that settles into the clothing, furniture, and vehicle is no longer an issue. No longer do you as a smoker have to go outside, leave the conversation, or be relegated to the designated smoking area when you want a bit of relaxing nicotine. There are also some of the refreshing instances where people have reported being able to vap with their e-cigarettes while they are recovering in a hospital bed.

If nothing else e-cigarettes are a great tool to transition off of tobacco cigarettes and clean up the health, air, and life of people that think that they are too old or have been smoking for too long. The addictive quality of cigarettes is the nicotine, which on its own has some useful and less harmful qualities in the body. The problem arises as we all know when the nicotine in commercial tobacco cigarettes is ingested along with the tar and other harmful carcinogens. This is where the e-cigarette can help make the transition much smoother, as it still delivers the nicotine without all the toxic carcinogens. Most people, especially older people or people that have been smoking for a long time, find the most success from transitioning by slowly replacing the tobacco cigarettes with puffs from their e-cigarette. In fact, most people find that because they can vap on demand, the amount of time that they want to smoke decreases when they start vaping with their e-cigarette device.

Hopefully you understand the practical benefits of vaping with e-cigarettes and are convinced to give it a try. The best way to get started is to try a low cost disposable variety that you can buy at your local pharmacy. Even if you think that you are in great health if you are smoking regular tobacco you are ingesting too many carcinogens and look into transitioning with e-cigarettes. If you have parents or grandparents or know of older people that are stuck in a pattern smoking too much then maybe you can introduce them to vaping and hopefully affect real change among your family and friends. You can even grab some e cig coupons on our home page.

On the end, two main things to remember: ensure your carry on e-cig battery is fully charged the night before and check your e-juice is sealed tightly in a zip lock baggy.

Enjoy your visit to our site. E-Cig-Bargains.com's team.

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