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11th March 2009

A dynamic team behind the Nicocig brand had scooped another important initiative. This time, the action went in the prestigious Birmingham's Bullring Shopping Center. Here Nicocig's team launched a well received campaign named "Can't Stop? Just Swap!" on the 11th March 2009, which is the "National Non-Smoking Day".

In the essence, focus of the campaign is quite simple, it offers to all the users of Nicocig family of products, who are based in Midlands area, to come along and exchange their thoughts and experiences about ever growing family of Nicocig products. This happening coincides with an addition of the new products, in the disposable electronic cigar range.

The happening will start around half past eleven, in the morning, and it will last one hour. Nicocig will generously give a 'Can't Stop, Just Swap' t-shirts to each attendee and will offer them a chance to try new products, called Nicocig E-Gar. Everybody that attends will receive complimentary products from the existing range of Nicocig refill cartridges and will receive Nicocig E-Gar in a 6 weeks time, when we launch it.

The exact location in the venue is just between the Selfridges and Costa Coffee and St Martins Church. Local press is invited to attend the event and they expressed their interest to get a direct interviews from the Nicocig users.

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