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How to refill DSE901 e-cigarette

Ocotober 3th, 2010

Some clever scientist worked out that there is 30,000 ways to prepare a coup of cofee. Refilling the e cigarette is not mych different. Practically everybody is doing his own slight variation to e-cig refill and each method works out well. You might want to start with e cigarette refill technique that we will present here and than adopt your own variations.

The tools that you'll need to refill an DSE901 electronic cigarette are simple: DSE901 cigarette itself, a bottle with smoke juice, a paper napkin and tweezers. There are three e-cig refill techniques: topping up, refilling and dripping:

1) Remember that you are dealing with nicotine. Nicotine is toxin and highly concentrated smoking liquid should be held out of a reach of small children and pets. 10mg of a pure nicotine is enough to kill a child, 60mg will kill an adult. We need to be clear here, when manufacturer tells us that cartrige has 20mg of nicotione, that is 20 mg per mililiter, so one would need to take three mililiters of the liquid, all at once, to get a lethal doze.

Topping up DSE901 e-cigarette cartridge. back to top

A quick top up of the DSE901 cig will will enable you to extend smoking for a just one more cigarette.

2) We are dealing here only with a single cartridge. Pull the cartridge off the atomizer.

3) Hold the cartridge in one hand, so that the side with a wool is facing up. Take the bottle with smoking liquid and keep dripping individual drops of e smoking liquid, onto the wool, till you see the liquid coming to the top. Do not overfill the cartridge. If you get any spill, just clean it up with a paper napkin.

4) When you finish, just replace the cartridge onto the atomizer and you just topped-up e-cig cartridge. You are finished.

DSE901 e cigarette REFILL back to top

If you've been smoking with DSE901 e cigarette for some time and you want to change the taste or try a different smoking liquid you can refill your cigarette. Practically start from a scratch, with your e-cigarette.

3) First, pull the cartridge off the DSE901. You will notice a piece of a wool, soaked into a smoking liquid. With a help of a pair of tweezers or a paper clip, pull the wool gently out of the cartridge. Wool needs to be rinsed under the tap until the old smoking liquid had been completely removed. Practically, rinse the wool until it turns white.

After you finish rinsing the piece of wool, role it in a dry paper napkin and keep dubbing it until wool becomes completely dry.

4) Now, take the empty cartridge and place it on a firm flat surface so that its opening is facing vertically up. Drip your smoking liquid until cartridge is filled three quarters of the way up. Now, replace a wool insert, with a help of a pair of tweezers, back into the cartridge. After insertion of the wool the smoking liquid inside the cartridge will now rise, but there will still some space left for more smoking liquid. Top it up with a few drops and you are finished. Now you completed a refill of your e-cig.

DSE901 e cig DIRECT DRIPPING back to top

E cig dripping is a quick technique meant to extend your smoking for a few more minutes, if you noticed that e-cig's vapor is trailing off. This technique applies to any electronic cigarette that has enclosed atomizer, like DSE901:

2) Unscrew the DSE901's atomizer. Drip 2-3 drops directly onto the atomizer. Screw the atomizer back onto the DSE901 e cigarette . Your e cig dripping is finished. You'll now have enough juice to draw one more cigarette.

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