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Gamucci Micro will not kill you, but ...

January 27th, 2009

Yes, purveyors of cool, it is safe to smoke electronic cigarettes. E-cigs are even welcome by non smokers because they know they will look good when turning up in a company of somebody who smokes. Particularly if they happen to be sitting behind a dimly lit bar, holding a pint of lager in the other hand. Priceless!

There is nothing to worry, e-cigarettes like Gamucci Micro or Nicocig Plus, simply heat up water vapor. And water vapor is really, really safe, it has been approved for centuries, even before FDA was established. You never heard of steam engines being banned. And electronic cigarette is nothing more than just a tiny winy electronic steam engine, with nicotine flavor though. Irreplaceable!

Only thing to be careful about when you smoke electronic cigarettes is not to try those weird flavors. Can you imagine the taste of Nicotine with Vanilla flavor, or Nicotine with Apple. My dear, I would be ten times happier to try garlic ice-cream than sugary nicotine. It is certainly devastating for your teeth. Tragic!

The only, only time when you should not smoke, is when you are under 18, even under 21. It is bad habit to develop. And it will cost you about £2,500 per year. Well, you can take out a credit for a Fiat Punto with that sort of money. It goes without saying, if you are under 18 and pregnant, stick only with the orange juice. Forget fags. Your health is priceless. Do not make it tragic. Serious!

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