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22nd July 2010

London Paper's reporter Chantelle Fiddy had spotted disc jokey Daisy Lowe smoking a Gamucci electronic cigarette. This rechargeable cigarette uses a state of the art technology to provide a smoking experience similar without the exposure to tobacco or tar.

Besides taking care of the health issues, it is totally legal to smoke indoors, that is why disc jokey was spotted vaping it in a club, behind the decks.

The reporter than went on a tour around the London, to see how is this new Gamucci's product received amongst Londoners.

In "The Premises Cafe", E2 the reporter smoked the apple flavored Gamucci cartridge, without anybody batting an eyelid. The manager of the cafe even told her: "As long as it's legal I don't mind my customers using them."

In the "Nail Care Boutique", E1, the technician was mollified when the reporter produced the leaflet showing that smoking the Gamucci e-cigarettes is legal. This real life experience confirms that Gamucci e-cigs will be great success in the nightclubs and wherever people want to satisfy their smoker's craving.

"Kazmattazz", N1, she was asked by the Kazz Dumasia, the non-smoking but entrepreneurial proprietor of this sports shop. He immediately inquired about how he can get hold of them and one can see that he is getting money-making ideas. Even a group of kids joined the conversation to ask where can they get this cool "Gamucci" cigarette.

Black Cab, the cabbie, James, 37 gave a reporter a look and asked "What the hell is that?" Following a quick introduction he was a game for a go for Gamucci Elite disposable. He thought that City boys would love those, since there was no risk that they'll burn anything, so it doesn't matter how pissed they are either.

You can read a full text of the article here: London Paper.

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