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Jan 18th, 2013

Beginners first vaping.

Johnny Depp Traveling with E-Cigs

What’s the newest way to transition off of traditional tobacco cigarettes without giving up the nicotine that you get from smoking a cigarette? You've probably heard of the e-cigarette and if you haven't, read on, because this article is going to explain what they are and the very best way to begin with e-cigarettes. Before we get into the best way to begin using e-cigarettes lets cover exactly how it works. The basic look, feel and delivery of the cigarette and the nicotine are the same with e-cigarettes and regular cigarettes. The main difference is that instead of inhaling and exhaling all of the tar and other harmful chemicals in cigarettes, the e-cigarette vaporizes the nicotine and flavors so that is all that you are inhaling/exhaling. There is no smoke just vapor so you can smoke the e-cigarettes wherever and whenever you please.

Hands down the best way to start with the e-cigarette is to start with the most convenient, most well-known, most tested, and most available e-cig on the market. Enter Blu eCigs, the biggest most recognizable name in the e-cigarette industry. Although it has its shortcomings amongst the veterans of e-cig users, Blu Cig coupons are of the most benefit to casual users or beginner users. They are extremely convenient to purchase, meaning you can find them at every Walgreens, Target, and Wal-mart. They have a familiar look and feel just like normal cigarettes, without all of the unfortunate toxins that come along with tobacco cigarettes. Not only do the Blu eCigs themselves have a familiar look and feel but the charging station looks like a pack of cigarettes! Like we said before no longer do you have to worry about going outside to smoke, or missing part of a movie, or second hand smoke affecting your family and friends.

When was the last time you could smoke in your living room or vehicle and not worry about the air quality or the residual smell that was left behind? You like to smoke but you hate all of the negative attention you get from the smoke odour coming from clothes, living space and vehicles. Well now you don’t have to worry using the most recognized brand in e-cigarettes, Blue Cigs gives you the ability to smoke and enjoy. A lot of people worry about second hand smoke and how it affects the health of the people around you. With e-cigarettes that concern is gone as the smoke is replaced by vapor that is non-harmful to your loved ones.

Vape and Enjoy.

Vape and Enjoy

Another overlooked benefit to e-cigarettes and Blue Cigs in particular is the fact that you can have your “fix” whenever, and as much as you desire. Say you want to have a couple puffs before the big meeting to calm your nerves, you just whip out the Blu eCig and take a couple puffs and then put it away, problem solved. There is no more need to “finish” a whole cigarette when you get exactly what you need when you need it. You can take a few puffs, put it away and then take a few more puffs in 20 minutes. With e-cigarettes you get the complete freedom to puff where and when you want.

One of the greatest advantages of beginning with Blue Cigs has to be the great benefit of the Blu community. A large mass of people that already own a Blu eCigs device and have troubleshooted the common problems and subsequent solutions so that you can always find the answer. The ease of use, community and convenience in purchase or procurement warrant using Blu eCigs as your beginning e-cigarette device. As an added bonus all of the flavors, and there are 6 total, are made in USA. Therefore every time that buy a Blu eCigs device or subsequent flavor cartridge you are supporting the local US economy.

There are many forum posts and articles explaining how and why Blu eCigs are amazing or not, but the evidence is clear: as intended, a gateway e-cigarette, it performs top notch and exceeds all of the required criteria. When you want to transition and go for the Blu eCig make sure that you understand that this is a technological replacement and won't react exactly like your old burning tobacco cigarette. It is important to take the time and read through the instructions. One piece of advice is to take slow long puffs as to not clog or speed the burning rate of the Blu eCigs.

With all of this in mind, we believe there is a clear case is made for Blu eCigs to be your first choice in e-cigarettes. Once you have more sophisticated tastes and needs out of the e-cigarettes you can look elsewhere. You can't beat the convenience, availability, look, and feel of the Blu e-Cigs.

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